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Q. What displays or flashes when a service interval is attained?
A. An arrow with SVC inside it will flash in the lower left-hand or right-hand corner. The arrow points either to the left (engine) or to the right (mower deck). This SVC arrow flashes 4 times, then the hours on the hour meter flash 4 time. this alternating process continues for the designated time (2 hours).

Q. How long does the service reminder flash before and after the service interval?
A. The service reminder begins flashing approximately 1 hours prior to the service interval and stops flashing approximately 1 hour after the service interval.

Q. Will the hour meter continue to accumulate hours if a customer leave the key in the RUN position?
A. Yes. The Operator's Manual states that "service hours will continue to run and service intervals will be wrong if the key is not returned to the STOP position". Unfortunately, on page 17 of the original Operator's Manuals, the OM did state that "the hour meter will automatically shut off after 2 hours". This is NOT true. The OM will be revised at the next revision to reflect that the hour meter will continue to run indefinitely if the key is left in the RUN position.

Q. Does the hourglass that is displayed in the upper Left Hand corner mean the hour meter is running?
A. No, the hourglass appears at all times. When the hour meter is working, the hourglass flashes.

Q. Is it possible to have both the engine and the mower deck service icon flashing at the same time?
A. Yes, every 100 hours both the engine and the mower deck service reminders should be flashing.

Q. If service reminder is flashing at 100 hours (for example), do I only perform the maintenance under the 100 hour service interval?
A. No, at 100 hours (for example) you will need to perform the maintenance for the following service intervals: "Every 25 Hours", "Every 50 Hours", and "Every 100 Hours".

Q. Why is the hour meter display on even when the key switch is off? It is draining the battery?
A. The hour meter has an internal battery that illuminates the display at all times. The hour meter is never powered by the battery. The hour meter has an interanal sensor that senses when the key switch is on.
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