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Long Island's premier John Deere dealer, LaCorte Equipment, is proud to serve government and related businesses for all their commercial and agricultural equipment needs. Please see listings below to see when your contract is up with John Deere. Please contact to discuss your future equipment purchase.


National Cooperative Agreements

National Joint Powers Alliance Contract for Skid Steers # 060311-JDC
(effective July 19, 2011) ***Contract Renewal Every 4 Years***

National Joint Powers Alliance Contract for Ag Equipment # 031711-DAC
(expires May 17, 2015)

National Joint Powers Alliance Contract for Landscape and Small Ag Equipment # 070313-DAC (expires Aug. 20, 2015)

National Purchasing Partners Contract for Landscape, Lawn, Garden Ag and Turf Utility Equipment # NPP (expires April 31, 2017)

National Purchasing Partners Contract for Utility Vehicles # NPP (expires August 31, 2015)


New York State Contracts

John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles Contract # PC65425 (expires Dec. 13, 2015)

John Deere Mowing Equipment Contract # PC64361 (expires March 12, 2015)

John Deere Skid Steer w/Attachments Contract # PC64708 / 21635-PF / Group 40604 (expires May 31, 2014)

Piggyback Contract of National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Ag Tractors and/or Implements Together with Related Equipment & Accessories # PC66597 April 10,2018


Are you a NJPA or NPP Member? Joining is easy and free!                                       

  • Enjoy special bid pricing without special bidding everything yourself
  • Rely on a highly regarded and nationally recognized contract.
  • Purchase with John Deere municipal leasing and financing options.
  • Count on ultra reliable Lacorte Equipment parts and service support.
  • Receive NJPA and NPP price quotes through your local John Deere dealer, no problem.
To become a member of The National Purchasing Partners please visit: 
To Become a member of The National Joint Powers Alliance please visit:

Reference Contracts: #031711-DAC,  #070313-DAC, #060311-JDC, and NPP
Calverton, NY
Calverton, NY 11933
(631) 727-8700